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The world is changing fast. To keep pace with the changes in business and technology today we need to adjust our way of working. Are you looking for self-organizing, collaborative and high-performing teams? Lean business processes that provide the ability to deliver new functionality and technology beyond customer needs? Welcome to Sigma Agile WoW – The art of agility.

This is Agile WoW


With our dedicated LATTe teams – Lean & Agile Transformation Team of excellence – we can coach and assist managers in your organization all the way. Sigma Agile WoW with experienced dedicated people are here to help and guide larger, complex organizations, in their large-scale agile transformations in a structured way to plan, manage, measure and adjust.


Rapid changes in today’s working environments call for organizations that are well prepared. The solution is spelled agility and organizations of all sizes can benefit from agile working methods.  

We want to make our customers’ transition from a traditional approach to an agile one less painful. The secret spice is our trainers’ track records and best practice. We offer courses in Scrum, Lean, SAFe and more.


Meeting in person, sharing best practices and experiences over breakfast is a fun way to learn more about agility.


We have a long experience in working with team structures in technical environment within different companies in many countries. For example, IT/telecom, automotive, retail and offshore in Europe and Brazil. 

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