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Our client had decided to implement agile methodology and introduce SAFe (Scale Agile Framework) in one of their divisions. They wanted to get away from bottlenecks that delay work in order to plan and distribute work in more structured fashion. They also wanted to implement and introduce the new programs and models in a successful way, with the purpose of launching products faster and increasing profit through better planning for technology development.


Agile WoW designed an agile transformation for the division consisting of the following efforts. The tailored solution included coaching of a LATTe Team (Lean and Agile transformation Team of Excellence), created baselines and defined KPI´s for measurable progress.

Making strategy and roadmap for transformation, creating and building teams, were central parts as well. Further key components in the roll out were continuous communication, engagement and inspiration of management and employees, as well as training in SAFe and agile ways of working for all participants. And ultimately, as a vital part of the coaching, identifying and removing of impediments was performed on a recurring basis.


The division transitioned from waterfall to scaled agile at five sites in different countries. This included implementation of Agile ways of working and the framework SAFe. For our client, this led to shorter lead times and throughput, increased transparency, increased predictability, higher productivity, higher degree of automation, better quality and happier employees.

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