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Basically, agility is an approach to deal with a complex and changing environment. It’s based on principles such as flexibility, self-governance, transparency and adaptability. Increasingly, organizations want to implement agile methods to become more successful, as more lean processes lead to higher productivity, better quality and happier and committed employees.

For quite some time, agility has been the leading method in software development. As the maturity level of agility in practice grows, agile ways of working start to be implemented in new areas. Meanwhile, many companies are still struggling to find the right set up to realise their agile transformation. Sigma Agile WoW can help you accelerate your transformation and create customer value.


We are a crew of senior professionals in safely introducing agile methods and removing impediments that make it difficult to change. We are specialized in forming teams, building backlogs and producing working tested products.

Agile WoW focuses on:  


Our crew has the edge and the real delivery power. We offer trained and prepared specialists covering all the necessary agile roles. For us, long experience and courage are key factors when we choose and refine our crew.

When it comes to creating sustainable change, training is another important factor. Look into our trainings here.


For a successful agile transformation, from a traditional approach to an agile less painful one, there are five aspect that are intertwined and depend on each other.  


For a successful agile transformation, we have all of these aspects working together for you. Firstly, LATTe – our lean & agile transformation team of excellence – are central for coaching executives, and forming strategy & roadmap for transformation. They communicate, engage and inspire – all vital ingredients to deliver value all the way. Secondly, our specialists ensure edge and delivery power, as they are trained and prepared. They cover all essential roles, and they are experienced and brave!

Furthermore, training is the secret spice that will guarantee that the transformation will take place. With exceptional learning experience through best practice and track records, we support our customers all the way. Leading up to the importance of follow up and control. In the world of lean and agile, this is called actionable metrics. We monitor the agility health by measuring progress, digital competitiveness, quality, efficiency, baselines and ROI.

Finally, in our route to success we have our network & partners. Through our collaboration with best in class partners, we are constantly selecting and seeking expertise to deliver the best agile solutions possible.

Top Client Reference

Working with team structures in technical environments in different companies and countries is very rewarding and has given us extensive experience.

Take a look into one of our previous accomplishments.

Training that make a difference

Organizations of all sizes can benefit from agile working methods. We want to make our customers’ transition from a traditional approach to an agile one as smooth as possible. The secret spice in our trainings is our trainers’ track records and best practice to learn from. We offer trainings in Scrum, Lean, SAFe and more.


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